the nest.jpg

A wee little bird nest I did find.  Round like infinity.  No start and no end.  I see it as a small masterpiece.  No two could possibly be alike.  I am sure it has weathered a storm or two.  A drought also.  This is the south!  Wonder how many tiny fledglings grew here and went on to learn to weave their own.  As we come to the end of 2016, I reflect on my own nest. I look back and see my weak spots where I let the storms through. Places I didn’t include God in the creation along with weaving of my nest.  This year, 2017, I pray that my heart is attuned to Him as I continue to work on my nest.

“Lord Bless this Nest”


Today’s Blessing’s and Messing’s Living

Getting ready for winter and Christmas.  My little helpers for my mini photo shoots for friends. We really had a good time working together and playing outside.  We did finally get rain! Praise God.  Everything was so dry and fires were springing up everywhere.  Now it’s time to prepare the house for my first household Christmas where all my family comes to my house. I can smell the Honey Baked Ham already.  We are not giving as much junk as gifts this year but are going to be providing a good warm meal and Christmas music. Also, Remembering that HE is the reason for the season. 


C360_2015-10-09-07-40-34-689WHAT IS YOUR PASSION???

I feel, deep that it is photography.  Always has been since I was a small child. Photography was always that wanting to create. Sometimes it was just an as is shot, like the above pic from my porch.  Second, well it was reading and then writing.  Photojournalism for a combo but I don’t feel to gifted in words or punctuation, so I stuck with pictures. Capturing time.  Showing off God’s creations with pictures.